IBM PS/2 Model 25, Floppy Drive Repair

I got this nice IBM PS/2 Model 25 with a non working Floppy Drive. It also came with an after market Hard Drive and HDD controller.
Upon firing this thing up, I’ve noticed a horrible sound, it was the hard drive read/write head scratching the plates. So the HDD was unrepairable for me.
What I did was remove the HDD and try to repair the Floppy Drive. Read More >>


Retrobrighting the TAC-2

As a kid I had a bunch of different joysticks for my Commodore 64, then for my Amiga 500. Lots of them had a premature death, as me and my friends (mostly my friends), loved to smash the buttons as they were the arcade sticks. Of the few joysticks I have now, the TAC-2 is one of them, one that survived and continues to works, and my favourite controller of all time. Read More >>