Restoring an A1200

I got this Amiga 1200 really dirty. It’s stock, no fancy accelerator cards or any extra RAM. It comes however with a 40mb hard disk.

Dirty A1200
Dirty and yellowed A1200 keys

Upon opening it I noticed that some of the SMD capacitors have leaked!  this is a 30 years old machine, so this should be expected.
So I ordered a cap kit from

Notice the damage under the SMD capacitors

I seized the opportunity to dismantle the whole computer and do a full cleaning.

Clean keycaps after washing them with water and soap

To remove the old capacitors I have used the ‘twist’ method, as I don’t have the right equipment to desolder smd caps. It turned out just fine.

I did some retro-brighting to the keycaps as they were really yellow, the case was still white so I just put it into the dishwashing machine for a good cleaning.

Machine working after the capacitors replacements
Nice white A1200



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